About us.

My vision....

 - To spread the word in a way that will speak to the world in a thought provoking and challenging way

- To challenge us all to buy with a conscience and to think about the people and communities we affect with our consumerism

- To make a difference in the Third World by supporting ethical projects

 - Saving God's amazing creation, using sustainable green energy, eco-friendly products, recycled paper & card, reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.
 - Rebranding the church so that it comes across as relevant and caring!

"The Word Is" was inpired by John chapter 1, in which it describes Jesus as The Word, He was spoken into being from the beginning and The Word remains a living and powerful presence, speaking into peoples lives. It is true that images are more lasting and powerful than just words, which is why Jesus spoke in parables...it works; so be the difference!

Helen x